Northern Rivers Stained Glass – Supply List

At Northern Rivers Stained Glass we supply a range of glass, tools, and accessories to support glass artists in the region.

  • Forty varieties, colours, textures of glass in the first shipment – more to follow
  • Bohle pencil oil cutters
  • Bohle cutting oil
  • Bohle glass running pliers
  • Pencil cutters
  • Pistol grip cutter Toyo
  • Brass handle pencil cutter
  • Running Pliers
  • Grozing Plier
  • Circle Cutter
  • Lead Dyke
  • Lead came 5&6H
  • Copper foil – black backed
  • Cutting Squares/Rulers
  • Soldering Tin 60/40 – ribbon, and coils
  • Stained Glass Pattern Books
  • Patina – black and copper
  • Flux – liquid and paste

Growing Glass Creativity in the Community

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